Product & Services

  • Fire equipments are very important to every building. They play the main roles when accidents happen. All of our fire hose heels are well-installed. guarantee your safety.
  • We provide various kinds of equipment installation & maintenance for buildings, including sprinkler system, regular examinations of fire hose heels, alarms and switches to ensure them to function properly when accidents occur.
  • We provide design and installation of different types of fireproof facilities; including auto-sprinkling systems, fire hose reels, fire alarm pull stations, fire gates and etc.
  • We provide examinations & installation services of electricity facilities; we have WR2 certificate from EMSD.
  • We are specialized in water supply facilities maintenance and installation. Our professional technicians offer quality services according to customers' needs.
01 上水系統
02 大廈電力裝置
03 手動火警警報系統
04 手動滅火裝置
05 出口及指示燈箱
06 自動警報系統(AFA)
07 改建工程(工廈轉商廈)
08 消防自動灑水系統
09 食肆及酒店通風系統
10 緊急照明系統